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Increasing your Revenue from Online Surveys

In the world of the 21st century, nothing is as valuable as information. Big tech firms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook spend millions of dollars and countless programming hours mining data and getting to know their customers. The more these firms know about the men and women who use their services, the easier it is to target ads and earn additional revenue.

Unfortunately for individual users, monetizing their own information can be difficult. Big tech firms make a lot of money based on the information they glean, but so far they have not shared the largesse with their members. But there is another way to get paid for what you know: online surveys provide a way to get paid for your opinions, and if you optimize your earning power you could earn some extra spending cash. Here are seven ways to make more money with online surveys.

1. Sign up for multiple sites. There are many market research companies, and each one has a different approach to collecting and paying for survey data. Signing up for multiple services can enhance your earning power and multiply the number of surveys you qualify for.

2. Use a dedicated email address. It can be hard to sort through an overflowing inbox, and you could miss out on a valuable survey opportunity. Using a dedicated email address just for surveys will simplify your life and increase your earning potential.

3. Provide complete demographic information. When you first sign up, you may be asked for basic demographic information, but providing more complete data will help the company target surveys more effectively. Make sure you fill out all the requested information, from age and income to location and occupation.

4. Fill out screener surveys. You may be asked to complete screener surveys, often with no compensation. These simple screeners can seem like a waste of time, but completing them could bring more lucrative surveys to your inbox.

5. Seek out focus group opportunities. The typical survey may pay a dollar or two, but focus groups offer far more compensation. Depending on the nature of the group and its complexity, you could earn a hundred dollars or more for a single afternoon. Seek out market research firms with focus group potential, then look for ways to participate.

6. Redeem your rewards. Once you have earned a reward, make the most of it by redeeming it quickly. Whether you cash in your points for a gift card or transfer cash to your PayPal account, a fast redemption helps you get paid for the work you do.

7. Provide complete answers to all survey questions. It can be tempting to breeze through a survey, but going too fast could hamper your ability to participate in future panels. Read every question carefully, make sure you understand the instructions and provide complete and thorough answers.

If you need a way to make some extra cash, filling out surveys in your spare time is a great place to start. You may not get rich filling out surveys online, but you can earn some spending cash and have fun in the process, especially if you optimise your earning power using the seven tips listed above.

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